The primary goal of the client was to feature the link to ‘current conditions’ which is the most visited web page of any on the University of Washington’s website network. They also asked for an animated hero image which I designed into a curved shape outlined by a lighter shade of blue to create an impression of atmosphere.


This client asked me to design and build a website to help recruit more staff for their very busy firm. They needed it to be simple, responsive and easy for potential job seekers to contact them. My biggest challenge was how to design the ‘projects’ page because much of their work is in locations that couldn’t be photographed or cases detailed due to privacy and proprietary concerns. I get it. Their projects include sites for Amazon, Microsoft and the Seattle Seahawks.


I joined Medicity, a healthcare IT start-up as employee #8 after several years working in an agency environment. As in-house Creative Director, I was responsible for eight major website concepts over the course of my tenure. Working in-house wasn’t so different from agency life, except my client’s office was just down the hall.

Medicity Marketing Milestones



I came in contact with the founder of Respect Network in an unusual way; but soon found myself working in a group of people with whom I was completely in sync. They needed a creative with start-up experience, who could design a website, presentation pitches, info sheets and application UI. They were acquired by Evernym about a year after I joined, and I continue to freelance for them on occasion.


A delight to work with, the team at Camp Shadow Pines needed a complete website refresh to go along with the new logo I had designed for them. They also had recently taken a lot of new photos of their beautiful location which they wanted to incorporate into a hero graphic and galleries throughout. I designed the site and set it up in WordPress so they could make edits as they wished.

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