In one of my first positions, my creative director asserted my title should be “Multimedia Goddess” because of my willingness and ability to tackle so many elements of a project beyond my job description. This flexibility led to my taking on the wide-ranging creative and design requirements of a healthcare IT company from start-up to its acquisition 12 years later. Throughout my career, I have sought diverse freelance opportunities to keep my skills sharp and support my travel obsession. I’ll take on projects big or small, complicated or simple. Everything I work on gets the same attention to detail and every client the same consideration.


"Monique is an absolute joy to work with. She has an incredible ability to blend ideas together and create beautiful, usable artwork and designs. Monique has helped me design countless shirts for my business and its members. They always turn out amazing."


—  Christopher Knight, Owner, American Raw Fitness



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Sure, I do enjoy doing the multimedia artist thing, but I keep pretty busy doing other things, too. I live with my husband and two children in beautiful Seattle, Washington, USA. I enjoy hiking with my yellow lab, paddling my kayak, riding my bike, camping and curling. Yes, curling. That fascinating winter sport where you slide then sweep 44 lb. granite rocks down a sheet of ice. I also love drawing landscapes in colored pencil, stitching tapestries, crocheting, watching Sci-Fi and hanging out with my kids building LEGOS, making slime and playing Pokémon GO. Most of all? I love to travel!!! Honestly, if you hire me, I will spend all the income on my kids’ guitar, chess and tennis lessons — then airline tickets to Morocco.


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