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My passion for creating motion graphics was what earned me the title 'Multimedia Goddess' in one of my first jobs after college. No other designers at the agency knew how to use Macromedia, which I'd learned in a class not long before. I initially felt a bit of imposter syndrome taking on taking on complicated animations with only a couple of class assignments under my belt, but managed to pull off enough quality pieces to gain a reputation at the agency - and plenty of cool projects.

Macromedia Director became Flash, which was my tool of choice until I discovered After Effects. I also use Premiere for a few tasks, and even PowerPoint to achieve a quick export explaining a concept or for a social media graphic. Lately I've been using motion effect and interactivity tools (like Visme and Ceros) for ePubs and Infographics - giving these pieces much more flash. See some samples below - and hit me up if you want me to make some multimedia magic for you.



I created this graphic to provide a visual representation of how the CellarEye camera works with the tablet app to manage large wine cellars. We also incorporated the main concerns of the customer as to why they'd benefit from the CellarEye system.

Check out the website and part of the sales presentation - which I also designed.


Using Adobe After Effects, I combined videos, images and typography to create this short video about what Groq employees (aka Groqstars) do to take care of themselves in recognition of World Mental Health Day. Partway through, you'll see a pretty nice crochet project - which is my contribution as a temp Groqstar filling in for their designer who was on medical leave for three months.

See more social videos and design projects I did during that contract.


My contribution to this huge team effort begins at about 2:15 in this video. I was hired to design the screens that appeared alongside the speaker for each session of this conference. Delivery also included slide decks that included animation and transitions.


On contract with Muddy Gecko, I designed and produced these animated banners for Global Foundries to link to a series of reports they'd recently produced.

#LinkedIn #Carousel #Rich Media #Motion Graphics #Content Link


Medicity offered me many opportunities to hone my motion graphic skills. There were lots of trade show screen graphics, product demos and explainer videos to share with the world what Medicity was all about.

See much more Medicity work here.

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