Like so many, I consume more social media than any other type. I am constantly exploring the most current trends to share with my clients. I've managed social media pages for several companies, and designed content for others. I've been responsible for the masthead graphics, profile icons and content graphics. These can vary from a well chosen photo to accompany a post, an infographic, illustration, an image tile or rich media tempting the audience to click and learn more. My current obsession is dynamic content optimization, while to some may seem stalker-y, if well done can save the consumer lots of time.

See some examples here - and be sure to visit my own social pages to see my most current work, art and music of others I admire, announcements from the companies and people I follow, see craft projects I want to do someday, or check out some of my favorite YouTube clips. Seriously, my 'random' playlist should five stars.


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